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Constance McCutcheon

#SenateRepublicans must brace for the moment after #ImpeachmentTrial after they acquit #potus45 when #realDonaldTrump announces: I had it in the bag. MY Republican Senators knew what to do. via ⁦…

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3 Days, 3 Fishermen, a play in three acts

When three middle-aged brothers find themselves all back in the family home seeking full accommodation as they sort out their lives, they discover their elderly father’s modest means won’t cover them all. In the squabble that ensues over how to allocate the 98-year-old man’s pension, they forget to include one factor: the 98-year-old man, who has ideas of his own about how to provide for his needy sons.

The Way Out, a play in three acts

With his bogus venture exposed and Florida creditors on his heels, Bobby skulks back to his old hideout in Pittsburgh to work things out. To his horror, it’s crawling with the people he’s cheated: a jilted investor, his spurned sister, a swindled businessman. A prisoner in his own lair, Bobby must maneuver just one more coup before getting away, this time for good.

It’s Mueller Time!, a web essay

“Small” and “bully” are words presidential candidate Kamala Harris used recently to criticize President Trump. The provocation this time was Trump’s performance at his North Carolina rally on July 17. Unfortunately, Harris is wrong about the small part. Trump is huge. His latest conquest was in forcing a reluctant Robert S. Mueller III to give testimony before two House committees on July 24. Mueller prevailed.

Dangerous Absolution, a web essay

Beware of shedding foolish debts. Freed of the hack creditor, your anxiety will rove to serious contenders for your attention. The shift confirms two notions: severe pain is an anodyne that masks all lesser pains; and bondage begets ignorance. I only say this because I had a bad week. From redemption, I fell like a stone.

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