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Constance McCutcheon

On an afternoon walk in late May I had occasion to witness an incident that instantly established in my mind the connection between Martin Buber's world view and the cause of morbid obesity. Read the shocking details in my new Web essay Buberian Obesity…

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Buberian Obesity, a web essay

On a chance afternoon walk in late May, I had occasion to witness an incident that instantly established in my mind the connection between Martin Buber’s world view and the cause of morbid obesity. Let me give a little background…

Get in the Car, a web essay

The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, occasioned U.S. leaders to follow the groundswell of outrage and finally embrace the daring resolution required to drive the nation’s white-hot demand for change into legislative chambers. No wonder. Never has the plight of the oppressed been depicted so succinctly.

Sister DeStein’s Faith, a play in three acts

Despite charges of child abuse and religious persecution, a distraught Tommy tries to help his morbidly obese daughter achieve the redemption she says awaits her if she worships God in her own way. But her peculiar form of worship, Tommy realizes, is endangering her life, which Tommy patiently tries to redeem in his own way.

The Hierarchy Upon Us, a web essay

Society is not one huge hierarchy with a grotesquely skewed wealth distribution. A myriad of hierarchies is performing the shift, and the people leaning on us are not that far away.

Courage, Mitt, a web essay

The apology Mitt Romney gave for casting his lone Republican vote to convict at Trump’s impeachment trial was deeply emotional. Indeed, Mitt managed to call a spade a spade. Odd that he had to search his soul before doing so.

3 Days, 3 Fishermen, a play in three acts

When three middle-aged brothers find themselves all back in the family home expecting full accommodation as they sort out their lives, they discover their elderly father’s modest means won’t cover them all. In the squabble over how to allocate the 98-year-old man’s pension, they forget to include one factor: the 98-year-old man, who has ideas of his own about how to provide for his needy sons.

The Way Out, a play in three acts

With his bogus venture exposed and Florida creditors on his heels, Bobby skulks back to his old hideout in Pittsburgh to work things out. To his horror, it’s crawling with the people he’s cheated: a jilted investor, his spurned sister, a swindled businessman. A prisoner in his own lair, Bobby must pull off one last maneuver before getting away, this time for good.

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