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Constance McCutcheon

“How do you obstruct when there is no crime ...?" #realDonaldTrump asks. He still doesn’t get it. An investigation is conducted to determine if there’s a crime. #POTUS45 did his darndest to obstruct that. You have to wonder why.…

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A Corporate Algorithm, a web essay

Letting the top 1% accumulate so much wealth, then taxing it to redistribute that wealth can’t work. By the time taxes are applied, the damage has been done. To close the wealth gap, we must keep individuals from getting so rich in the first place. A corporate algorithm would do the trick.

The Assault on Michael Cohen, a web essay

On Feb. 27, Republicans had over 5 hours to question Michael Cohen. Instead, they mounted an assault to wound and disable the erstwhile Fixer, but those tactics backfired, scorching the noses of those who dealt them.

The Apprentice Learns Business, a web essay

Poor Mr. Crump’s fortunes grew and grew until he became very worried about how to get his money – which he didn’t want to part with really – over to his deserving kids, who were a bunch of no-goods anyway, without paying any tax. Then he was struck with a brilliant idea: he was going to put that litter of pups to work . . .

Seeking Shelter, a one-act play

On saving a vagrant woman from a mugging, Officer Rehm brings her to the police station for her own good. When he discovers the object of the attack, the woman’s extraordinary amulet, he asks the merchant who sold it to her to come in to verify the piece. A disturbing encounter ensues between the merchant and “his best customer” that convinces Rehm of one thing: he can’t let her keep it.

Footwork, a one-act play

Tyler, Chuntao, and their two children live with Tyler’s father to save the old man the expense of an assisted living facility. One busy day, Chuntao asks Tyler to take over her regular task of cutting his father’s toenails. Tyler returns from the unusual assignment irritated. His father’s feet have upset him.

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