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Wounded and Wounding, an except from Third Son of Thor

Conflicts within families constitute not only the bitterest strife on Earth, but have the potential to cultivate the subtlest and most enduring abuse. When the misconduct involves an elderly father and his children – the subject of the present inquiry – the urgency of attending to the matter, as well as the complexity, increases tenfold.

Where Be These Enemies?, an excerpt from Third Son of Thor

The creatures of the hadal deep do not know they are at the bottom of the ocean and certainly do not know they are at the bottom of the food chain. Innocent of God’s grace, they have also been spared the agony of having to choose between their existential attachments and salvation. God’s masterpiece, bred of Adam and Eve, was not so spared, whence the source of that creature’s anguish.

Wolves in Cheap Clothing, a web essay

Take it from John Adams himself: Equal distribution of wealth among the people is requisite for turning out a mature constituency that will vote rationally in its own interest, thus electing a government that will attend to the interests of that multitude, thereby preserving a true democracy. But not all of us want that.

Balancing Dysfunctional Wealth Distribution, a web essay

Jesus is recorded as saying the poor will be with you always, perhaps his politic way of saying the money changers will be with you always, that is, the rich, who create the poor. This has turned out to be true. Our pox today is how monstrous large the discrepancy between poor and rich has become.

Third Son of Thor, a satire

When Modi and his family move into his elderly father’s home to take care of him, they partake of his generosity with a ferocious abandon that soon threatens Thor’s financial stability.

Herschel Walker, Senator, a web essay

Let’s consider how Herschel Walker would most likely have spent his first hours in office as Senator of Georgia had he been elected. There are no surprises here.

Earthly Treasures, a web essay

After my father’s memorial service, a cousin whispered to me that he had hoped I might say a word or two. My answer at the time was that my feelings were too much in turmoil to be able to say anything coherent about my father. Only now, ten months after my father’s death, do I know what I would like to have said then, and am able to say now.

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