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Trump’s Bucket Runneth Over, a web essay

Even Donald J. Trump has a bucket list. How vast the bucket must be to hold all the items on that list is best left to the speculation of superior minds. But checking off one of those items, getting declared immune from criminal prosecution, suddenly killed the sparkle. Until Providence revved up to Trump speed one fateful Saturday.

Where Be Immunity, There Goeth Guilt, a web essay

Jesus did not plead immunity for the flowers of the field. Nor do lawyers plead for immunity when their client is innocent. Only when their client has been caught red-handed might a legal team take a crack at pleading immunity if there is budget enough to make the far-fetched plea. That is a fitting description of Donald J. Trump’s circumstances. Who would have thought SCOTUS would bow?

The Ten What?, a web essay

June 19, 2024, will go down in history as a red-letter day for the state of Louisiana, the United States of America, and perhaps planet Earth. On that day Governor Landry signed a law requiring The Ten Commandments to be displayed in every public classroom in the state. Just as true religion ought to do, it turned up the heat for instructors all over Louisiana.

Biden: “I Won’t Make You Richer,” a web essay

Read the stellar speech President Biden would have given to the Business Roundtable on June 13, 2024, had he attended and someone sensible had written it. 

Trump’s Measly Class E Felony, a web essay

Despite having the highest ambitions for himself, Donald J. Trump was convicted in New York State for the lowest-level felony: Class E. Will his ego withstand the slight? Based on this petty conviction, will he be able to incite his followers to mount a new assault on the American government? Do not doubt the man. It has already begun.

Antisemitism, American Style, a web essay

An effective way to curry favor with an irascible benefactor is to scold its critics at a public event those critics don’t attend. Uncontested accusations tend to stick and the speaker gains a point with the benefactor. Joe Biden did this in his “antisemitic” speech delivered at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Days of Remembrance on May 7. The charge: antisemitism. The accused: the students holding pro-Palestinian demonstrations on college campuses across the country protesting Israel’s assault on Gaza since Hamas’s attack on Israel October 7, 2023. The question: who’s the benefactor?

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