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So hunting is popular and gun ownership is common in rural areas of Virginia. What is so threatening about requiring background checks for people wanting to purchase firearms? #SecondAmendment… via @nytimes

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It’s Mueller Time!, a web essay

“Small” and “bully” are words presidential candidate Kamala Harris used recently to criticize President Trump. The provocation this time was Trump’s performance at his North Carolina rally on July 17. Unfortunately, Harris is wrong about the small part. Trump is huge. His latest conquest was in forcing a reluctant Robert S. Mueller III to give testimony before two House committees on July 24. Mueller prevailed.

Dangerous Absolution, a web essay

Beware of shedding foolish debts. Freed of the hack creditor, your anxiety will rove to serious contenders for your attention. The shift confirms two notions: severe pain is an anodyne that masks all lesser pains; and bondage begets ignorance. I only say this because I had a bad week. From redemption, I fell like a stone.

Chain of Command, a web essay

We know by this time that Trump mixes things up. We have been dismayed to see, time after time, how generously his ignorance mitigates his prevarications. Did he lie or really not know? But he better be careful when he fiddles with facts about commands he issues to the military.

Seeking Shelter, a one-act play

On saving a vagrant woman from a mugging, Officer Rehm brings her to the police station for her own good. When he discovers the object of the attack, the woman’s extraordinary amulet, he asks the merchant who sold it to her to come in to verify the piece. A disturbing encounter ensues between the merchant and “his best customer” that convinces Rehm of one thing: he can’t let her keep it.

Footwork, a one-act play

Tyler, Chuntao, and their two children live with Tyler’s father to save the old man the expense of an assisted living facility. One busy day, Chuntao asks Tyler to take over her regular task of cutting his father’s toenails. Tyler returns from the unusual assignment irritated. His father’s feet have upset him.

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